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(Cyber)Tek Journal

Established 1990. For cyberpunks, dystonauts, and other fellow travelers.

Tom (Ticom)
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For Cyberpunks, Dystonauts, and fellow travelers. Since 1990.
.308, .45 acp, 1911a1, 2nd amendment, 6.5x55, 802.11, air force, alternate energy, alternative energy, am dx, am radio, amateur electronics, amateur radio, appalachian trail, aprs, art bell, asatru, atlas shrugged, ayn rand, barry fell, benjamin franklin, blacksmithing, bolt action, browning, bruce sterling, carbine, cats, catskills, colt, communications, connecticut, cyberpunk, dumpster diving, durable living, electronics, elint, enfield, field artillery, firearms, firefly, free state project, geiger counters, gps, green mountains, greylock, guns, hackers, hacking, hacking invisible worlds, ham radio, heirloom design, hiking, homebrewing, homesteading, humor, icom, infowar, istp, john titor, knives, libertarian, libertarianism, libertarians, live free or die, machinist, maine, maps, mauser, military hardware, military surplus, milsurp, molon labe, motorola, mount washington, mt. washington, new england, new hampshire, new haven, norse mythology, nra, open source, osint, pagan, paganism, paranormal research, parapsychology, phreaking, phreaks, pistol, police scanners, psyops, radio communications, radio direction finding, retro-tech, rfid, robert a. heinlein, robotics, rush, scanner, scanning, self-publishing, seventy-two hour kits, shortwave radio, sigint, signals intelligence, solar energy, speculative fiction, spirit of radio, spread spectrum, surveillance, survival, survival kits, survival skills, survivalism, survivalist, swl, tempest, teotwawki, time travel, tscm, uhf, urban survival, vermont, vhf, wardriving, warren zevon, weird new england, welding, white mountains, who is john galt?, wifi, william gibson, yaesu, ΜΟΛΩΝ ΛΑΒΕ