Wildflower's Doomsday Disks

So I'm doing a periodic OSINT run, and find this obscure, probably unmaintained, prepper forumn where someone is asking about Wildflower's Doomsday Disks that he used to pass out at various prepper meetings in New England.  You see, I mentioned them off-handedly in a past writing, but also mentioned how much of a PITA they were to get if you didn't live in New England, or Wyoming.



Once you hack, you can't go back.

Started learning a new language today. Just sat down with that C book I found at Goodwill and my laptop, logged into a shell, and used Nano to enter in a quick "Hello, World!" program. Ran gcc and unsurprisingly it compiled correctly the first time. Tomorrow I'll probably play around with ddd a bit. This is what happens when you watch Tron, and manage to get back to the place where All Things are possible.


Wildflower's Last Notes, Goodwill Obtainium, and Random Musings

Spent the weekend among ghosts of years past cleaning the lab, and came across Wildflower's Notebook that he used when working here. It was one of those inexpensive sketchbooks you buy at Ocean State Job Lot. The basement damp had started getting it, but I removed and scanned the pages he had written in. He only managed to use 15 pages before his health had gotten to the point where he couldn't make it up any more. A lot of it was about our junk hacking experiences. Maybe one of these days I'll upload a PDF, but just not yet.

I found a Goodwill that's on the work commute route, and happens to be in a fairly affluent community. So far managed in the past couple months managed to get some books and a Linksys WRT54GS. The Linksys was the most expensive item at the princely sum of $5. We'll see what else shows up there.

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